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LPJL80 Plastic ampoules electronic microporous leak detector

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Main Application

All-round detection of leaks in the Lianpai plastic ampoules produced by the blow-fill-sealing three-in-one production, as well as Lianpai eye drops, Lianpai oral liquid and other similar packaging products.


Working principle

Put the row plastic ampoules into the interval of the conveying device manually (the automatic bottle loading part can be customized), and the conveying device will transport the row plastic ampoules to the detection channel, and then pass through the detection channels 1 and 2 in turn; respectively detect the row plastics The bottle body, head and tail of the ampoule; then through the turning wheel mechanism, they are transported to the inspection channels 3 and 4 in turn; the head, tail and bottle body on the other side of the row of plastic ampoules are detected; finally the qualified products and the body are separated by the waste rejection mechanism Unqualified products: Qualified products are transported to the subsequent stations through the genuine conveyor belt, and the unqualified products enter the waste collection basket through the reject mechanism (the collection basket is provided by the user, not listed in Figure 1).


Detection principle

The detection principle is shown in Figure 2-1. In the figure, V is a high-frequency and high-voltage power supply, and its two ends are connected to the emitter and the receiver respectively; C1 and C2 are the capacitance between the emitter, the receiver and the solution (because the solution and the There is a container wall between the electrodes, and there is no direct contact, so capacitance is generated); R is the resistance of the solution (the conductivity of the solution is ≥1.2µS, otherwise the detection effect may be poor or impossible).

When the row of plastic ampoules does not leak, the simplified circuit of the entire loop is shown in Figure 2-2. At this time, the circuit will generate a micro current I1;

When the plastic ampule leaks, the electrode and the solution will be directly connected, and the capacitance generated by the container wall disappears. The simplified circuit of the entire circuit is shown in Figure 2-3; at this time, the circuit will generate a current I2;

By comparing the size of I1 and I2, it can be judged whether there is leakage in the plastic ampoules.


Main Technical Specifications

1. Applicable specifications: row plastic ampoules height 65≤H≤120mm; length L≤220mm; (can be customized according to customer samples)

2. Output: 0~80 rows/minute

3. Electric capacity: 3kW, 380V 50Hz

4. Number of detection channels: 4

5. High frequency and high voltage power supply: 200W

6. High frequency and high voltage power supply voltage: 0~30kV adjustable

7. High frequency and high voltage power supply frequency: 0~10kHz adjustable

8. Dimensions (length×width×height): 2800mm×935mm×1650mm

9. Weight: about 1200kg


Main Features

1. Because it does not use dyeing liquid and other liquids, there is no secondary pollution to the medicine.

2. It can detect small holes above 0.1μm, which is more accurate than traditional vacuum, dyeing and other detection methods.

3. Perform row-by-row detection of drugs online.

4. The flip structure is adopted to flip the row of plastic ampoules; the emitter can detect the head, bottle and tail of the upper and lower sides of the row of plastic ampoules.

5. The energy acting on the plastic ampoules is low, and it has no side effects on medicines.

6. Customized design. Arrange the detection electrode according to the customer's sample to achieve the detection effect.

7. Designed friendly man-machine interface, with powerful data collection, storage and control capabilities.

8. A number of patents have been obtained (see "Patented Technology" in "Manufacturing and Quality" on the company's website).

9. The automatic bottle loading structure can be customized according to customer needs (optional).

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