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JAZ20/600X Automatic Glass Bottle Oral Liquid Impurity Inspection Machine

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Main Application

The machine is mainly applying for inspecting the visible impurities (such as glass chips, metal filing,fiber, hair, white block and flakes etc.) in the glass bottle oral liquid and the quality of capping, and also for inspecting the visible impurities of ampoule injection and vial injection.


Work Process

Products to be inspected→feed in→press the bottle→rotate the bottle→stop→take pictures→analyse the pictures→judge the qualified and the rejected →feed out the qualified and the rejected separately.


Work Principle

The container is inspected by visual principle of the machine. The inspected product is stopped to stand still while it is rotated at a high speed. At the same time,it is took pictures by the industrial camera. Then the pictures of it are analyzed by computer system to judge whether the inspected products are qualified or not, meanwhile the qualified and the rejected products can be separated automatically.


Main Technical Specifications

Application Scope: 5-20ml Glass Bottle Oral liquid; Ampoule Injection, Vial injection etc.

Test Item: visible impurities (such as glass chips, metal filing, fiber, hair, white block and flakes etc.),quality of capping,liquid level

Inspection Speed: 600 bottles/min

Inspection precision: 40μm(adjustable)

Electric Capacity: 9.5kW

Electric Tension: AC3~380V 50Hz

Bench Height: 925mm

Overall Dimension: 2563mm×2610mm×1800mm(L×W×H)

Net Weight: about 3500kg


Main Features

  • Brand new proprietary technology design, more reasonable brand new structure are the advantages of the machine, and it is convenient and stabilized for operation and maintenance.(See "Patent Technology" on the company website "Manufacturing and Quality")
  • The machine adopts entire servo drive to make sure of more accurate transmission and more convenient and fast operation & regulation.
  • The rotating bottle servo system and inspection device is set on table-board, and these units completely are separated from each other under the large-plate, to make sure it is convenient to operate and maintain and easy to clean, and non-pollution will be generated on inspection device.
  • It adopts the international general clamping method of pressing up and down the bottles, and adopts the power structure of rotating bottle with patented technology, which not only ensures the stability of clamping bottle and the consistency of rotating bottle speed, but also facilitates cleaning and maintenance.
  • Tracking and testing the quality of capping on the large -plate, rotating bottles by the servo motor to ensure that there is no dead Angle.
  • The large-plate adopts servo automatic lifting to reduce the number of specification parts, and the specification parts adopt quick loading and unloading method to reduce the time to replace the specification parts.
  • The machine adopts worm wheel to convey the bottle and can meet the requirements of the linkage to the machine’s front and end.
  • With varieties of failure alarms and protection functions, in case of failure or improper operation, the machine will alarm or stop automatically, and show the cause of failure.
  • All the inspection data can be saved, uploaded, and printed.
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