SJL200 Infusion Bottle Automatic Electronical Micropore Leak Inspector

SJL200 Infusion Bottle Automatic Electronical Micropore Leak Inspector

2014/10/30 12:00
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The machine is dedicated to inspect infusion bottles for possible liquid leakage (including plastic bottles and glass bottles).
Working principle
Containers are transferred by deliver track to infeed wheel for equidistant separation. 30 divided robots take bottles constantly and turn them over 180°. After twice turn over, bottles reach different inspection station for upper and bottom inspection. After inspection, they enter outfeed wheel. Then qualified and unqualified products are discharged separately by reject unit.
Application: 100-1000ml infusion bottles (plastic bottles or glass bottles)
Capacity: 140~200 bottles/min
Power:  4.6kW,380V50Hz
Output power range: 10kV~45kV
Output frequency range: 500Hz~50kHz
Power channel numbers: 4 high frequency high voltage power
Weight: about 2000kg
Dimension: 1900mmx2120mmx1800mm (LxWxH)
Bottle feeding track: 5450mmx570mmx960mm(LxWxH)
No secondary pollution risk. No pollution to inspected products, as it does not use
staining solution.
Can inspect pinhole above 0.1 micrometer in high accuracy that other
leakageinspection method can not achieve.
Reproducible inspection ensures high accuracy.
Full-automatic and full number one-by-one inspect. It can stand-alone, or be
connected with other machines.
High safety. Cause no side effect to the product as it is loaded low energy with
short time.
No damage to the container. Based on different withstand voltage value to set on
load voltage to container to protect its material.
Applied to multiple containers for leak inspection, like infusion bottles (glass bottles
and plastic bottles) and BFS products, etc.
According to customer requirement, the machine can inspect key position (like the
neck and bottom of containers)
Use synchronous belt driving to make machine on stable running with low
Compact construction, beautiful configuration, adopt quick-release mold,
connected with dowel pin and convenient for routing maintenance.
HMI touch screen possess strong control, display and data collection functions

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