RJL3000 Softbag Automatic Electronical Micropore Inspection Machine

RJL3000 Softbag Automatic Electronical Micropore Inspection Machine

2014/10/30 12:00
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The machine is dedicated to inspect softbag for possible liquid leakage. It can inspect pinhole (>0.1μm) on softbags, leakage on bag body and welded bag mouth.
Working principle
Infeed conveyer belt divides inspected infusion softbags equally into double row and takes them to the inspect channel. The inspect channel adopt roller conveyor. It has two inspect channels, each channel has 4 inspect stations. It can inspect different positions according to customer requirements. Unqualified products will be rejected automatically by reject unit, while qualified products will be output from the outfeed conveyor belt.
1.Capacity: 2500~3000 bags/h
2.Power:  2.6kW,380V50Hz
3.Output power range: 10kV~45kV
4.Output frequency range: 500Hz~50kHz
5.Power channel numbers: multichannel high frequency high voltage power
6.Compressed air: 0.1-1.0MPa
7.Weight: about 1200kg
8.Dimension: 4489mm×1200mm×1500mm(L×W×H) 
No pollution risk to inspected pharmaceuticals as it does not use staining solution.
High inspect accuracy. It can inspect tiny pinholes and cracks (above 0.1 micrometer) in high accuracy that traditional leakage inspection methods can not achieve. Meanwhile, reproducible inspection ensures high accuracy.
Full-automatic and full number one-by-one inspect. It can stand-alone, or be connected with other machines to form the full production line.
High safety. It causes no side effect to pharmaceuticals in the softbagsas it is loaded low energy with short time.
High universality. It is applied to leak inspection for softbags in different volumes.  Applied to multiple containers for leak inspection, like ampoules, vials and oral liquid bottles.
The machine can inspect key position according to customer requirements.
Advanced control system. The complete machine has compact construction, beautiful configuration,uses man-machine friendly touch screen and owns strong control, display and data collection and save functions.
Inspect voltage and frequency is adjustable.
Supply full set verification data.
Possesses complete proprietary intellectual property rights, and we have declared invention and utility model patents.

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