AJL300 Ampoule Injection Electronical Micropore Leak Inspector

AJL300 Ampoule Injection Electronical Micropore Leak Inspector

2014/10/30 12:00
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The machine is dedicated to inspect Ampoule, vial and oral liquid products for possible liquid leakage. It can inspect pinhole and cracks on those bottles. 
Working principle
Infeed conveyer belt takes inspected containers to infeed wheel for equidistant separation. Feed track takes container to deliver screw , then turn it over 90°to level to reach different inspection station. Inspection consists of many stations, it can inspect different position according to customer requirement and finally separate qualified and unqualified products automatically by the reject unit.
Application: 1-20ml Ampoule, vial and oral liquid products
Capacity:   AJL300  300-400 bottles/min
Power:  2.4kW,380V50Hz
Output power range: 10kV~35 kV
Output frequency range: 500Hz~50kHz
Power channel numbers: multi-channelhigh frequency high voltage power
Weight: about 1000kg
Dimension: 3694mm×1180mm×1364mm(L×W×H) 
High efficiency. As well as be used in single production, can also be linked with production line. It can do automatic online inspection to containers one by one.
High accuracy. It can inspect the superfine crack and pinhole that the traditional inspection method can not achieve.
High safety. As the products are loaded with low energy in short time and they are insulated when they pass the inspection section, the inspect voltage causes no side effect to the product. It achieves non-destructive inspection to the container and product.
No pollution risk. The inspect electrode and liquid has no direct contact, there is no pollution to inspected products.
Versatility. The machine can be used for different container of different size by changing the mold. E.g. ampoule and vial can be inspected on the same machine.
Advanced control system. Friendly man-machine touch screen, enables powerful functions of control, display, data collection and printing.
Provide a full set of validation criteria to meet GMP requirements.
Owns the completely independent intellectual property rights. Till now, the inspection machine has won 17 patents on authorized invention and utility model from the State Intellectual Property Office. 

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