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JKZ400/25 Automatic inspection machine for vial freeze-dried agent

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Main Application

This machine is suitable for the detection of visible foreign bodies and appearance defects of the lyophilized injections of vials molded or controlled by pharmaceutical factories.


Working principle

The equipment is divided into the following main parts: bottle feeding mechanism, transition wheel mechanism, turntable detection mechanism, camera light source tracking mechanism, bottle outlet wheel separation mechanism, servo motor control mechanism, body and protective cover mechanism.

When the tested medicine enters the conveyor belt, the medicine is sent to the bottle feeding wheel by the horizontal conveyor belt, and the medicine is separated equidistantly by the bottle feeding wheel, and then continuously transported to the rotary bottle seat corresponding to the detection area of ​​the turntable, and the bottle is rotated. The indenter corresponding to the seat will hold down the tested drug to ensure that the indenter, the tested drug and the bottle holder form an independent detection unit. The tested drug, the indenter and the bottle holder rotate at a constant speed with the turntable and enter the detection area. The inspected medicine rotates more than one week, and the high-speed camera takes pictures of the inspected medicine. There are six inspection stations: capping defect inspection station, bottle bottom defect and medicine visible defect inspection station, and four bottle body and medicine defect inspection stations. stand. If there is any defect in the inspected item, it can be judged after multi-frame image comparison. When the inspected medicine is delivered to the bottle ejecting wheel, the corresponding pressure head releases the inspected medicine through the cam device, and the tested medicine enters the bottle ejecting wheel, and the qualified product is separated from the unqualified product through the bottle picking device.


Test items

Including product defect detection, container appearance defect detection, and sealing defects, etc. The main inspection items are as follows:

1. Bottle cap part: Whether the aluminum cap composite cap is complete, whether the rolled cap part is uniform and beautiful (such as crooked, flash, wrinkle, and other defects)

2. Check whether there is a rubber plug at the bottleneck;

3. Whether the transparent part of the upper part of the bottle is the freeze-drying point formed by the splash of liquid medicine;

4. The lower part of the bottle body, that is, whether the freeze-drying part of the drug is uniformly freeze-dried, whether there are any missing parts of freeze-drying, and whether there are visible foreign bodies on the freeze-dried surface;

5. Whether the freeze-drying at the bottom of the bottle is uniform and without defects, and whether there is any visible foreign matter on the surface of the freeze-drying;

6. Whether there is any visible foreign body in the freeze-dried medicine part in the bottle;

7. Whether there are cracks in the visible parts of the bottle body and bottle bottom;

8. The filling volume is too high, too low, and empty bottles;


Adapt to the environment

Ordinary clean working environment


Main Technical Specifications

1. Scope of application: Molded or controlled vials of freeze-dried injections 2~25mL

2. Detection speed: 400×(1±5%)pcs/min

3. Motor and power: Servo motor: 0.4-2 kW; 11 units

4. Electric capacity: 9 kW, 380 (1±5%) V, three-phase AC, 50 Hz

5. The height of the worktable is: 900mm

6. Dimensions: 3620×1810×2000mm (length×width×height)

7. Net weight: about 2600kg


Main Features

1. The detection accuracy can be adjusted to meet the different detection requirements of different projects.

2. The transmission device designed with patented technology (see "Patented Technology" in "Manufacturing and Quality" on the company's website) ensures the smooth and smooth transmission of the detected objects.

3. Servo motor control is used in many parts to replace traditional mechanical transmission, and the control and detection procedures are completely connected, which improves the accuracy requirements of the inspected items.

4. The specification parts adopt quick positioning pin design, which is easy to replace and adjust.

5. The imported industrial camera with a high resolution of 50 times magnification effect is adopted. Because the light is directly illuminated on the inspected object, the inspected defect is more visible, and the inspection accuracy and effect are better than manual inspection.

6. Up to six inspection stations can detect all defects.

7. The key parts of the equipment are processed by precision CNC machine tools to ensure the accuracy and quality of the parts.

8. The appearance of the whole machine is beautiful and generous, and the machine body platen, bottom plate and other parts are treated with special protective spraying.

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