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JSZ200/500 Automatic foreign body inspection machine for glass bottle large infusion

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Main Application

It is mainly used for automatic detection of foreign matter (including glass scraps, metal scraps, hair, fibers, white spots, white blocks, etc.), liquid level and capping defects of large infusion glass bottles produced by pharmaceutical factories. It can also be used for foreign body detection of glass bottle wine and beverage products.


Main structure and working principle

Including rack, bottle conveying track, turntable, bottle feeding device, bottle rotating mechanism, braking mechanism, servo tracking mechanism, detection mechanism, and bottle discharging device.

The machine vision principle is used to automatically detect whether there are visible foreign objects in the liquid medicine in the glass bottle container. The infusion bottle enters the bottle feeding wheel from the bottle feeding track. The bottle feeding wheel transports the container to the inspection area of the turntable and then rotates with the turntable. The bottle rotates through the bottle mechanism to make the container rotate at a high speed; when the container reaches the photoelectric detection area, the brake mechanism The detection container stops rotating, and the liquid medicine in the container continues to rotate at this time; multiple sets of high-speed industrial cameras continuously shoot multiple frames of images of the detected liquid medicine at different detection stations at high speed; the industrial computer analyzes the collected multiple frames of images and determines that it is Detect whether there is a foreign body in the liquid medicine and whether the liquid level meets the requirements; according to the judgment result, the bottle discharge device automatically rejects unqualified products.


Main Technical Specifications

1. Adaptation range: 50-500mL glass bottle

2. Inspection items: glass chips, metal chips, hair, fibers, liquid level and capping defects.

3. Detection accuracy: ≥40μm

4. Detection speed: 200-300 bottles/min (±5%)

5. Electric capacity: 6.5kW, AV 380V, 50 Hz

6. Worktable height: 900mm

7. Dimensions (without track): 2360mm×1870mm×2000mm (length×width×height)


Main Features

1. Adopt a number of patented technologies (see "Patented Technology" of "Manufacturing and Quality" on the company website)

2. Strong applicability, meeting the production of 50-500mL products with different specifications.

3. The detection accuracy can be adjusted to meet the different requirements of pharmaceutical production.

4. The advanced servo tracking system is adopted to ensure the integrity and accuracy of the images collected by the certificate and improve the detection accuracy.

5. Using high-resolution industrial cameras, the visibility of visible foreign objects is strong, and the detection accuracy is much higher than that of manual light inspection.

6. It can store inspection data within a certain period of time, and has a print interface. The process parameters can be traced back to GMP requirements.

7. Adopting advanced servo system, photoelectric control, image processing and industrial computer, independent development of inspection software company, high degree of intelligence.

8. The KNAPP test procedure recognized by the European Pharmacopoeia and the US FDA is adopted to make the test results verifiable.

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