After-sales Service
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1. Guidance for installation, commissioning and installation of linkage line for free.
2. Organize Training: The training in the aspect of product structure, installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance and repair is organized. The relevant personnel can be dispatched to receive training or our commissioning personnel provide training during product installation or commissioning.
3. Provide GMP certification data and methods, assist users in GMP certification of the machine.
4. Provide the requirements on installation and application technology, technological layout drawing and related technical data.
5. We will arrive in 24 hours after receiving the written notice of commissioning. After the supporting facilities including water, electricity and gas are available, the commissioning can be completed in three days and the machine can reach production requirements with the cooperation of users. Our commissioning personnel provide guidance for trial production in 10~30 days and will not leave until independent operation and stable operation. Our service personnel will be dispatched if you have any special requirements.
6. SOP (standard operating procedure) is provided for reference so that the users can be competent for operation as soon as possible, and the production field management is enhanced.
7. The spare parts with various specifications will be provided and can be delivered timely so as to reduce stock capital and the loss caused by delay of work.
8. We provide users with information at any time in case of major improvement. The improvement will be made at cost price if required.
9. We will arrive at the production field in 24 hours after receiving the written notice of troubleshooting, provide guida

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